Luxury Services

Property & Business Acquisitions

The Best Of The Best

We know what it takes to locate the most desirable off-market luxury properties and luxury assets in the market. We understand the industry and what it takes for the process to be smooth and easy. That’s why we’re always innovating—pushing forward to increase and diversify our target opportunities to offer our clientele the best deals. Work with us at Big Equity Ventures, and you’ll be happy you did.

Event Planning

Award-winning Vendors

Big Equity Ventures continuously seeks out the most experienced and respected event planning and catering services for our exclusive locations. Planning events and reserving extended stays can be a daunting process, but with our personalized services, outstanding event partners, and world-class customer care, you will see how seamless the process can be. We’ve got you covered, and we can’t wait to host your event.

Extended Stays

Offering Premium Service

Big Equity Ventures has a vast list of options all available for you. As we expand our target assets and design new solutions and services for our clients, we are able to ensure our clients are receiving the very best service. We also have exclusive annual membership options available at our various locations; clients will fall in love with one of our extended stay packages today.

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